Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a course take?

Our courses last eight weeks which consist of one class per week (1 lesson of 60 minutes). You have decided for one evening course, that course runs continuously until the next higher level, as long as there are enough participants registered for that course. The day, time, place and teacher will all stay the same.

How much does a course cost?

The course prices are CHF 180.00 per person.

Reduced prices are only applicable in the following cases:

Students per person 

Registration for pairs 

Registration for pairs (Students) 

CHF 160.-

CHF 320.-

CHF 270.-

Which level is adequate for me?

Every dance school offers different course levels and different content. It is always better to gain a quick impression on site about the different courses. It is always possible to participate in a nonbinding tryout session. The teachers are happy to help you as well and can provide you advice on which course you fit the best. Tryout sessions and clarifications need to be arranged beforehand.

How do I register for a course?

Our current courses can be found on our homepage, under the section Courses. You can reach the registration through the “Registration form” link. You can always contact us if there are any questions or technical problems, we are at your disposal to assist you.

Can I sign up without a dance partner?

Singles are always welcome! We try to offer courses that have roughly the same number of men and women. In the case of imbalance, we attempt to find the balance with the help of temporary dancers from more advanced courses. It is not an obligation to bring a dance partner. But, if you have the possibility to motivate somebody the better! For first time applications for pairs, we grant you a discount of CHF 30.- per person.

Is it possible to catch up on missed out lessons?

If you missed one or more lessons because of personal reason and you have logged yourself out from us, you have the possibility to catch up in a different course of the same level. Just approach us and together we will work it out.

Are there any courses during public or school holidays?

Our teachers do also take a break during public and school holidays. That is why the courses last longer. This means you do not miss any lessons. The holidays are published on our website and we will refer to them during the courses.

What do I have to bring or wear for the course?

For our Beginner courses, light footwear is more than sufficient. As of the Intermediate level, we recommend you wear dance shoes because we are going to incorporate multiple spins. You also do not need any special clothing for our courses. We suggest you use comfortable and light clothes. You will probably break a sweat every now and then. :)

I have absolutely no talent. Can I participate anyway?

Every person learns at different rates. This has to do with the individual prior knowledge, talent, age and other factors. We think that everybody has the ability to learn how to dance. Some learn faster than others, as with everything in life. We will do our best to pick up our students from where they currently are, so we can make their first steps as easy as possible. Everybody that wants to try it out is more than welcome!