Salsa tanzen in Basel mit Claudia Branco

Claudia Branco

Claudia never left the party, while music was playing. Even when she was young, her passion towards music and dance could not be overlooked. At the age of nine, she took her first Salsa dancing steps and since that time she has become an impassioned salsa dancer.


She participated in many different dance competitions and Salsa congresses with her dance partner Fabio and evolved into to the dancer that she is now. Whether it is “Salsa On1” or “Salsa On2”, Cha Cha Cha or Merengue… Claudia has it in her blood and is pleased to convey her talent to her students. Next to Latin American dances, she teaches Zumba as well. Those lessons consist of dance and fitness and are incredibly versatile.


Now, Claudia’s personal message to you: 

“Visit our Salsaflow Dance Company dance school and let yourself be carried away by the feeling of the music, because bailar es vivir!”

Salsa tanzen in Basel mit Fabio Branco

Fabio Branco

Fabio already discovered his love for Salsa as an 11-year-old boy. Together with his dance partner Claudia, he completed an intensive training with Horacio, whereupon he wowed audiences with his shows in various Salsa congresses and festivals. To this day, he likes to put on a show and is available for any type of entertainment.


Now, Fabio also teaches at Salsaflow Dance Company in Basel. Dance is his life and that is instantly noticeable with his presence when you enter the dance studio. He not only conveys the dancing steps, but also the grasp and feeling of music and movements, as well as the fun for different styles of dancing. He convinces his students day after day, week after week with his cheerful and easy-going way.


“Salsa On1”, “Salsa On2”, Cha Cha Cha and Son are his favorite dance styles. He was always open to other types of dances, such as Hip Hop or Ballet, given that he discovered different elements in every dancing style that was also very useful for Salsa. With that, he significantly improved his turn technique.

Salsa tanzen in Basel mit Vanessa Costante

Vanessa Costante

Vanessa has been affected by music and dance for as long as she can think. She started with rhythmic gymnastics when she was five years old and practiced it for 10 years. In 2010 she visited her first Salsa course. She was immediately fascinated by it and can be found almost daily in the studio ever since.


She has acquired most of her dance abilities with Harlin Rodriguez (Salsabrosa), who has always demanded a lot from her. In addition, Vanessa danced in Natalia Lopez’s Ladystyle Showgroup for three years, with whom she performed her shows on the national and international stage.


Vanessa loves to dance Cha Cha, Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa On 1 and particulary Salsa On 2. When she teaches, she conveys her passion for those different styles of dance to her students and it gives her joy to see when her students make progress.

Salsa tanzen in Basel mit Sebastian Carballo

Sebastian Carballo

Sebastian has always been enthusiastic about Latin music. In 2008 he made his first step into the world of Salsa and has never left it since then because Salsa has become his biggest passion. Over the years, he has acquired his extraordinary dance and teaching skills from different dance schools and has developed himself in many different dance festivals.


Sebastian is proficient in all Salsa styles (Salsa On1, Salsa On2, Salsa Cubana, etc.) and is enthusiastic about Bachata Sensual, which fits perfectly to his sensitive dance style. As a teacher, he attaches great importance to a neat lead and to the development of harmony between the dance partners, which also corresponds to the philosophy of the dance school.


The students appreciate his cheerful and humorous manner, as well as his sense on detail.

Salsa tanzen in Basel mit Helin Akarsel

Helin Akarsel

The passion for dancing and moving began in Helin's childhood with her enthusiasm for folk dances and hip hop.


In 2014 she discovered Salsa and Bachata during her trip to the USA. By chance she has been attracted by the sounds of Latin American music to a bar where a salsa lesson took place at the same time. When she was invited to join in, she was infected with salsa fever and salsa and bachata have been an important part of her life since then.


Helin gathered and deepened her experience as a former member of the show group Salsuenos of the dance school Bailamos in Basel.

Salsa tanzen in Basel mit José Wallner

José Wallner

José is an experienced and passionate salsa dancer and has been in contact with salsa music since he was a child. He has been dancing salsa, cha cha and bachata for more than 17 years and began his training under Horacio Espinosa, learning how to evolve extensive leading and following techniques and how to create his own unique style. This has enabled him to adapt intuitively to different new modern Salsa styles (like Cuban, New York or Los Angeles).


As a teacher, he has been teaching salsa and bachata for almost 15 years and is known for his superior leading skills and how to pass them on to his students. He is an enthusiastic salsa teacher who grows vigorously seeing his students enjoy themselves when dancing.


I really enjoy teaching because I get the chance to pass on my knowledge to interested and motivated students who share the passion for both the music and the dance.