Our philosophy

The Salsaflow Dance Company is the dance school in Basel! Experienced teachers teach with their hearts and souls, to pass on their passion for Latin American dances to you.


Body language, leadership quality, plus having fun dancing are at the forefront for us!


Salsa is a mixture of different rhythms, styles, and directions from all over the world. Whether it is Cuban, Puerto Rican, New York or L.A. style, every style has a unique and characteristic charm to it, that we do not want to keep from you. It is for that reason, why we lay great emphasis on applying the various styles right from the beginning.


In the world of Salsa, a differentiation can be made between “Salsa on1” and “Salsa On2” / “Mambo”. The difference lies in the stressing of the beat. “Salsa On2” has an especial appeal and leads to more fluent movements and to a more intensive and internalized feeling of the music. These features are responsible for the increasing worldwide spread of “Salsa On2” / “Mambo”. Our aim is to also bring that sensational trend to Basel!

Salsaflow Dance Company - Salsa Tanzschule in Basel