About us

We performed in different salsa congresses and events with our incomparable energy and passion for dance. We have captured the audiences’ hearts time and time again. With a lot of hard work and discipline, some of us qualified for Swiss and European championships gained experienced and won awards and trophies. During all those years, our teachers have learned a lot about body language. We have deepened the art of leading and being led, as well as the multiplicity of the word Salsa.


Salsa is a mixture of different rhythms, styles and, directions from all over the world. The Salsaflow Dance Company wants to maintain that cultural richness and, as the only dance school in Basel, take our students on a journey from Cuba to Puerto Rico and until New York and L.A. style. The New York style, also known as “Salsa On2”, has captivated our attention in particular. Through the flowing movements, while dancing “On2”, the music will be perceived more intensely and internalized. In our lessons, our students experience that feeling and witness Salsa in all of its facets up close. When giving a course, we attach particular value to body language, to leadership quality and to having fun dancing.


Together, we strive for our goal to spread the enthusiasm of the Salsa On2 style in Basel and to transmit our passion, in the near future, to our students in our own premises.


We are six motivated, enthusiastic and experienced dance teachers that cannot possibly imagine a life without Salsa.

"Dance what you feel & feel what you dance"

Currently there is a Blog by Verena Arnold where you can read an interview about the Salsaflow Dance Company and those founders.